The Anatomy of a Niner Empire tailgate. You ever wonder what and how to prepare for a tailgate. In the beginning of the video it shows a little preparation of what the Niner Empire tailgate located in Blue Lot 1 is about. Over 300 plus niner faithfuls enjoyed the event leading up to the season opener vs the Carolina Panthers. is the host for folks from all over the globe. Chapters from as far as way as Germany , Mississippi, Memphis, Nevada, Texas, New York, the list goes on and on were all representing. 4X super bowl champion Mike Wilson made a guest appearance.  Dave Canal performed his new Niner hit “Niner’d Out” for the fans from all over. The song has not yet been pressed by Dave Canal always puts on a great performance. The 49 person shot stick along with the beer pint shotstick was in full effect. Over 200lbs of food was prepared to feed the hungry faithful. #FOOTBALLBROUGHTUSTOGETHERNINEREMPIREMADEUSFAMILY. Most importantly the faithful dropped monies into a bucket to help support the victims of the two recent hurricanes. The monies will be sent to chapter presidents in their respective areas to assist those in need. Also chapters from around the globe also donated a trailer BBQ for our NINER EMPIRE tailgate which will definitely assist the future tailgates. We can’t forget the world famous DJ Juice and Dj Moe-1 on the 1’s and 2’s.  If u ever need an amazing DJ look them up from the Richmond Chapter….