Dezmond Miller is a true inspiration to all. In 2006 Dezmond was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma which is a is a rare form of cancer. It is known to occur mainly in the soft tissues and dermis. In 2006 Dezmond lost his foot and two years later the cancer came back and he lost his leg.  He ended up opening his own handyman business called millerthehandyman. That did not stop him from representing his love for the 49ers so he  painted his truck 5 years ago..  It took over 50 cans of spray paint and a lot of dedication..  He also reps 49ers on his  prosthetic leg and has a 49er wedding band… Although considering his circumstances he gets around pretty well. He can climb ladders, stairs and roofs..  and will even take his leg offand crawl under houses for repairs..     In his words  “I AM NOT A QUITTER…!   And I won’t stop trying to meet the 49er team…  I really want them to sign my truck.  Here are some pics for you

IMG_20130701_165331Dezmond Miller