The 49ers are off to a hot start after beating the Bengals this Sunday. It’s amazing to see how many fans travel around the globe to watch our beloved niners and to finally hear Let’s Go Niners in opposing cities is amazing. The Empire can feel the excitement. As we prepare for Game 3 we invite you to the Tailgate at the home opener. It will be held at the Niner Empire tailgate in Blue Lot 1. To see how we do things and bring family together check out–vITCORhNhQ?view_as=subscriber

Miami Niner Empire, Missouri Niner Empire, and another chapter in the Islands of Hawaii have just been added to the Niner Empire Family. Please welcome all three chapters to the greatest fan base in all of football.  all information of where to find our fellow niner empire chapters can be found on the map and or the list below the map on Niner Empire

President : Jerry Ellis


Chapter Name

Niner empire Missouri Chapter

Address Viewing Party

609 NRolla Street   Rolla

MO  65401

Phone Number


Chapter Email

[email protected]

Website or Facebook Page:

San francisco 49ers/ Missouri Chapter


Chapter name:
Miami Niner Empire

Tony Montana
Courtney Adams

Viewing address:
1020 ocean drive,
Miami Beach Florida 33139
Chapter email:
[email protected]

Miami, Florida 33132
Personal #

Chapter Name

808 niner empire big island chapter

President: Sheldon sarsuelo

Vice President: Randall miyada

Address Viewing Party

342 W.puainako st.   Hilo, Hawaii   96720

Phone Number


Chapter Email: [email protected]

Personal Phone Number( 808)960-2730

Website or Facebook Page

Niner empire 808 chapter (facebook)