On October 1st, 2016 Niner Empire chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents came together in Redwood City to talk about the state of the Niner Empire. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office DSA building were the host for the 1st of many meetings to come throughout the United States.  Over 40 presidents and vice presidents of the beloved fan base were present as well as the hundreds of others watching it via ustream.com.

As the faithful fans began to pour in from the many meet and greets held throughout the city during the day there were welcomed by 4x Super Bowl Champion Jesse Sapolu. Jesse Sapolu signed autographs and took pictures for the folks in attendance, then was able to give an insight on his super bowl years and the current team.

The faithful fans were also presented with  an 8×10 autographed Jerry Rice photo and beverages sponsored by the niner empire store located at 1163 Chess Drive Suite J in Foster City, CA. to assist with raising monies for Chapter fundraisers.

After Jesse Sapolu spoke the faithful were able to give their perspectives on what works and what doesn’t work for their chapters. The do’s and don’ts of how successful chapters run and how to move forward.

The most important thing to come out of it is the bond between folks from all walks of life and truly what Niner Empire is all about and the positivity that Niner empire enforces and the love and passion we all have for our San Francisco 49ers. Chapters are expected to PUT IN WORK, host viewing parties, use social networking as a tool to assist other chapters, no faking the funk, assist and promote newer chapters, fundraisers, empiree awards, etcccc….The saying of football brought us together and Niner Empire made us family was in its true form.