It was a game that the faithful actually thought the San Francisco 49ers had a chance to win, but then reality set in during the second half when the 49ers collapsed.

The one thing that did not tumble was the niner empire tailgate located in blue lot 1 as over 20 representatives from chapters around the globe continue to be the family they are. They partied, listened to DJ Juice on the one’s and two’s and watched the artist formerly known as Heat Dave Canal perform.

The liquor flowed and the BBQ was smoking. Niner Empire Chapters from as far away from New Jersey, New York , and even Switzerland came through to celebrate the comraderie and faithfulness at the tailgate. For each home tailgate the preparation starts the week prior to figure out the menu, shopping, the tetrus game of loading and unloading. It’s plenty of work for the folks at but to see the folks in Blue Lot 1 and the comraderie is well worth it.
There are so many folks that help with the tailgate cooking, bartending, and taking care of the folks from out of town that it is definately a spectacle to come to…..