For the 2018 NFL Draft fans from all 32 teams were able to attend the event in Texas. Although all 28 teams were present the Niner Empire definitely made their presence starting at Buffalo Wings and Rings. The 49er organization with the assistance from DFW Niner Empire and Addison Tx Niner Empire held a meet and greet on Wednesday night.

Now what makes the Niner Empire different and the best fan base in the NFL. As Thursday came around the 49er faithful were the only team to have a tailgate with over 10 chapters represented and folks from all over the globe. Niner Empire flags were raised high above the parking lot as fans wiggled and wobbled and enjoyed the family atmosphere. The faithful took turns enjoying the draft experience and tailgating.

As the draft began the Niner Empire were well represented in the cowboy stadium in the stands and in the inner circle where fans were able to compete with all 27 other teams on who can be the loudest. CHANTS OF LETS GO NINER’S, BEAT LA, BOOOO THE RAIDERS, etccccc,

As some Empire folks left early to catch flights home there was 20 more faithful to take their place…..The Niner’s inner circle was full all 3 days to the end as other teams had empty seats…. WE ARE FAMILY